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Michigan Moving Services is one of the top-performing local movers for commercial moving services.  We understand that commercial relocation is far different than moving a home. For that reason, our commercial movers in Detroit work alongside the staff members. Project managers, HR managers, and CFOs are all consulted to flawlessly relocate every member of the office.

Moving Commercial Equipment

Commercial moving is not about transferring the file cabinets, tables, and chairs anymore. Today the commercial units possess specialized equipment. Manufacturing-related equipment typically moved include computers, servers, and many more technical tools that need to be settled with the right expertise to run them on time. MI Moving Service aims to provide quality moving service. Our team of commercial movers have the right set of capabilities and skills required to develop a customized moving plan that can meet any business moving needs. Our moves will be as unique as the nature of your business. 

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What You Can Expect from Commercial Moving Service

The successful relocation of an office considerably depends upon a well-sketched plan. It also guarantees the savings of costs and time management. As with our other services this starts with either filling out the form on our site or calling our office for a free moving estimate. Our commercial movers will listen to what your moving needs are, for the customization of a plan that may also address the safety procedures and packing procedures. With our moving plan, commercial relocation will be nothing but seamless.

 We hate to surprise our clients with the last-minute chaos. Our experts never plan on making the moving day full of stress. For that reason, we assign a project manager to every large moving task so the service can be monitored with accuracy and completed in time.

 On moving day, our moving team will manage the whole commercial moving project, freeing you from all the hassle and bringing you the peace of mind that you desire. We make sure that our movers integrate all of the moving equipment, the right workforce, and the packing materials to do the job the right way.

Post Move

While your team may strive to settle in a new place, you might need some additional configurations or changes to meet your business needs.

We do not back off after moving your commercial pieces of equipment, instead, our experts make sure that you have successfully settled into your business, and you and your team are back on track. However, you can reacquire our experts in case you experience disruptions or downtime, or you can contact your project manager for assistance.

Office Equipment

 It is our top priority to answer all of your moving needs. Our commercial movers make sure to manage and execute your project efficiently. Commercial relocation might sound straightforward, but the truth is, it involves many moving parts such as computers, printers, scanners, phone sets, supply boxes, and even heavier machinery. But our experts are up to the task!  You can trust us for a professional and reliable service equipped with the right tools and equipment for the successful implementation of every move.

Office Furniture

We believe in handling the furniture and all of your valuable assets with extreme care. We employ individual packaging for the furniture pieces depending on their nature and size and secure them with extra stuffing so that they do not break. With us, you do not have to waste your money on hiring multiple furniture vendors. From disassembling to packing to reassembling the office furniture, we will do it all for you.

  Sensitive files

We handle your sensitive files with care. We transport them cautiously to your destination. Our experts will discuss moving options with you in advance and will quickly respond to your queries or concerns.  

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