When you plan to move during this COVID-19 pandemic, you need to take several measures to put you and your family in safety while shifting. Read on to get a few tips on how you can move safely during COVID-19.

1. Identify and choose carefully your moving Company. 

Ensure that you choose as a suitable company of professionals who have taken a step to practice the measures set by the government during this pandemic period. A reputable moving company understands what’s at stake if the safety measures aren’t followed during a move.

2. Consider using A DIY

This is usually in the form of renting a truck or using a personal large vehicle. As a bonus this will save you the cash that you would pay for labor.

3. Have a clear goal for the move

Book with the company you’ve chosen. Due to uncertainty, you have to inquire about the funds, quotes, or deposit policies that will work to accommodate your unique needs.

4. Make extensive consultations

Ensure that you get all the right information before you take a step to move. Many things have changed, and you need to be in the loop with all the new information.

5. Do Cleaning and disinfecting

You can hire cleaners who are professionals to help you with the cleaning tasks to save time.

6. Rent out a moving container

When you want a smooth move that is contactless to the minimal point, you can try renting a container to maintain social distance.

7. Spreading out the move days

When you have a lot of items and your family is large, you can consider spreading out the move days so that you are all safe during transportation.

8. Frequent communication with the movers

You must frequently communicate with the movers until the day you are moving to ensure everything is not micromanaged at this risky time of a health crisis.

9. Consider the non-essentials

You might have extra items that you no longer use. You can donate them to reduce the bulk and crowding of items during the move.

10. Postpone the move

You could wait a little bit longer if the situation changed when you wanted to move. As said, the current times are unpredictable, and you wouldn’t want to risk your health unnecessarily.

11. No handshakes with the movers

Greet by mouth, and smile. Currently, the best way in which you can interact with people is through no contact greeting, and it won’t seem rude at all.

12. Prioritize Social distancing

You need to ensure that there is enough space between your family and the movers when they arrive to pick up your items from the house. If possible, the evaluations also done by the company should be virtual and not in-person.

13. Use new cardboard boxes

Don’t risk recycling boxes when packing items, but instead, find new cardboard boxes that you can use when moving.

14. Keep track of everything

Keep tabs to know what not to share with the movers when they arrive, such as pens, checks, cards, phones, or screens.

15. Wear a face mask to maintain hygiene

Ensure that everyone has their face masks during the process of moving and don’t touch your face.

16. Have plenty of sanitizers and enough water

You need to have plenty of sanitizer at this point and water because you might need to open the doors and windows for enough ventilation.

17. Reduce the number of surfaces

Keep the main surfaces disinfected and reduce the number of counters which you have interaction with so that you can avoid any potential spread of risks.

18. Use gloves

Ensure that the movers wear gloves. You and your family also need your pairs.